Our colorimetric assay is performed using LAMP PCR testing platform.  A novel gene amplification technique that utilizes an isothermal reaction method.  Small amounts of target DNA are detected rapidly with specific primers and DNA polymerase.  A dye is added into the solution and a positive reaction is indicated by a color change from pink to yellow.

What is required for our Tests?

Our tests require a small hole punch (4mm) of a leaf from a plant that is at least one week grown from germination.  A simple heating method is performed shortly after, which causes the cells to lyse and DNA is extracted from the nucleus.

Scale and Quick Turnaround

No grow is too big! We take full advantage of our high throughput capabilities. We can sample up to 95 plants at a time and the assay takes less than two hours to be completed. Results are shown same day which allows you to make the necessary changes to your cultivation quickly.


Field Portable 96 well format Thermocylcer is used for our DNA extraction and nucleic acid amplification methods. This instrument provides the ability of high accuracy temperature control, which increases reproducibility for our assays. Portability, speed and sensitivity is crucial for our field testing services and we work on utilizing the best instruments for our customers.