PhenoXpress offers low-cost genetic testing services to cultivation facilities.  One of the major advantages of using our service is that our point of grow testing allows on-site screening for genetic traits and fungal infection while they are still in the seedling tray. Another important feature is that we do not require to use major expensive laboratory equipment. Therefore, we provide affordable testing and same day results to help our customers predict, prevent and eliminate major crop problems in the future.

Today cultivators are forced to deal with the lack of access to upstream testing on their plants. There is an immense amount of pressure on cultivators to implement preventative maintenance into their operations, which allows their plants to reach the final phase of production.  We aim to provide the necessary tools to screen for harmful plant contaminants as well as screen for desirable traits.

Meet the Team

Wendell Orphe, Scientist and Co-Founder

Wendell has over a decade of experience in molecular biology, research, and assay development. He has spent his career developing and utilizing DNA sequencing technologies in research and clinical markets. His passion for cannabis research and science lead him to successfully develop robust PCR assays that detect microbial on plants based on specificity and sensitivity. He also has expertise in DNA extraction, high throughput automation, and next generation DNA sequencing. His work has resulted in peer reviewed publications and scientific conference presentations. He is a creative thinker, meticulous researcher, and continuously demonstrates the ability to solve problems by applying innovative solutions with cost-effective protocols. These skills along with his focus on providing exceptional customer service is the core of his company PhenoXpress.

Victor Magaletta, Regional Sales Associate

Victor graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management from Salem State in 2013. Prior to joining PhenoXpress, he worked at Courtagen Life Science as a Patient Advocate Associate providing exceptional customer service and being the first point of contact for patients. His dedication and focus on customer care made his transition to sales natural. He is an avid Boston sports fan and can be found at any seasonal game rooting for his team.