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We are a hemp and cannabis testing facility that provides state of the art, point-of grow genetic testing for cultivation centers in Massachusetts and New England. From seedling to flowering we provide the tools you need to screen your plants for males, CBD, and harmful plant pests and microbes.

Results available immediately, eliminating your plants exposure to offsite testing labs and protecting your intellectual property.

Immediate Results

Our genetic tests allow detection of Male plants, CBD strains, and Powdery Mildew after only one week of germination. We save you valuable time waiting for male characteristics to emerge in your plants and reacting too late to a mold contamination. Through early detection growers have more time to care for productive plants, select plants with desirable traits, prevent infestations and major crop problems in the future.

We Come to You

Your cultivation operation comes first! We conduct the testing on site and deliver results same day. We eliminate the risk of you unintentionally releasing information about your intellectual property to offsite labs. We take pride in providing privacy and security to our customers, only your samples are analyzed in our workflow during testing. This ensures efficiency and also avoids the risk of contamination with other cultivators’ samples.

Early Detection Pays for Itself

Our onsite services will optimize your operations by detecting and attacking problems early on. We provide upstream testing that helps your operations save time, money, and labor. For instance, our Male Detection assay is a great cost saving technique because we are able to detect males after 1 week of germination. Cannabis can generate extremely high energy and water costs and a single plant can use as much as 23 liters of water per day. Early detection helps with eliminating your male plants and enhance your square footage for more female plants.